Aus Bio Ltd is committed to demonstrating and achieving the highest standards of corporate governance.

The Directors are responsible to shareholders for the performance of the Company in both the short and longer term. The Board focuses on enhancing the interests of all shareholders to ensure that the Company is properly managed.

Currently the Board is comprised of both executive and non executive directors with a majority of non executive directors. The non executive directors assess Aus Bio’s strategic direction, risk and review management performance.

The Chairman has been elected by the full Board. The Board’s skills contain a mix of directors from difference professional backgrounds.

Due to the Company’s small size, specific nomination, remuneration and audit committees have not been established. However, independent directors have the opportunity to meet on a regular basis (without executive directors present) to discuss executive performance, remuneration and other relevant issues. The Board as a whole has responsibility to adequately assess research, commercial and financial risk.

The Board has required that at all times Company personnel act with the utmost integrity and objectivity in compliance with both the letter and the spirit of the law.