Project MD 990 - Respiratory

Aus Bio’s Respiratory Project – MD990 – has resulted from the identification of several specific glycoproteins, which have been shown to influence and enhance recovery of injured human respiratory cells.

The MD990 compounds may have a role in hastening recovery from respiratory tract infections, and also in reducing the severity of the post-infectious cough syndrome. The Company has demonstrated that the MD990 compounds, in vitro, have a role in the recovery of respiratory cells following injury. Promising results have been demonstrated in pre-clinical animal models and satisfactory safety and tolerance studies have also been demonstrated. Aus Bio holds both know how and IP (US patent granted) as a result of observations that have occurred in the Company’s laboratories. Aus Bio has formulated a group of compounds which have been shown to improve and/or hasten the recovery and/or viability of damaged respiratory cells through the restoration of sialyl-glycoconjugates on their cells.

Aus Bio has progressed this project by conducting a series of in vivo experiments at 2 Australian Universities utilizing a well validated animal model of early COPD. The compounds ameliorated the histo pathological changes seen following exposure to cigarette smoke. A lead compound has been identified and further work continues including additional in vivo COPD studies and targeting other chronic respiratory disease states. This work is being supported by AusVir Therapeutics Pty Ltd a JV company established by Aus Bio Ltd and Morningside Ventures Ltd.